Sally Hanifi

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Driven. Kind. Committed. These are three of many words that perfectly describe Sally Hanifi. Sally’s life goal has always been to help others. Graduating with high honours in the Social Work field, Sally discovered her passion of assisting others with their needs. Her outstanding achievements and awards in her previous endeavours earned her tremendous recognition and success. As time passed, Sally knew that she wanted to help change people’s lives for the better - and what better way to do that than helping others buy a home? An investment that will allow people and families to live, grow and become the people they have always wanted to be. Helping people buy or sell a home is a privilege that Sally takes seriously and is committed to making a lasting impact to all of those she crosses paths with.

Sally grew up in a diverse environment - her family background surrounding politics, she was exposed to many cultures and began forming an interest in learning different languages and travelling. Fluent in Dari and understanding Hindi, Sally’s love for culture grew when she moved to Canada with her family. Her father, a diplomat, was a person who Sally strived to be like: a genuine, hardworking and professional individual who always saw the positivity in life.

Sally is extremely motivated and always on the go. When diving into her love for real estate, the commitment to helping others, meeting new people and the challenge to meet goals is a driving force for Sally. She is always up for change and excels at adapting to new trends. Salwa’s determination and hard work is what makes her believe real estate is her life career - to foster, mentor and play a meaningful role in people’s lives in a fast paced environment is what Sally strives for in her everyday life.

A lover of nature, you can find Sally outside riding her bicycle, skating , playing badminton, or spending quality time with her family. Her interest in self-development podcasts, videos and courses is a true hobby for Sally and she truly believes that kindness is a key factor to a happy and healthy life. Sally’s vibrancy is always captured in photography - as a freelance model, she has been involved in numerous photoshoots that truly capture her beauty inside and out.

Sally is someone who knows who she is and what she wants in life - this applies to not only her professional life, but also her personal life. She surrounds herself with likeminded individuals who exuberate positivity and kindness. Sally sees the potential in everyone and everything - which makes her an excellent asset to the McDadi team.