2-Acre Property with Redevelopment Potential: Residential and Commercial. An amazing opportunity for land developers and builders in North Oakville

The subject properties are located on the west side of Sixth Line, north of Sixteen Mile Drive in the Glenorchy neighbourhood in north Oakville. The properties have a combined frontage on Sixth Line of approximately 430 ft/130 m and a depth of 186 ft/57 m and a total lot area close to 2 acres.

3148 and 3158 Sixth Line are zoned FD (Future Development) under Zoning By-law 2009-189. The site falls under the Medium Density Zoning category, which means that it has excellent potential to be redeveloped for medium density residential or mixed residential and commercial uses, which includes a variety of different housing options, such as lowrise condominiums, a community of detached homes, freehold townhouses or stacked townhouses, depending on the architect’s design.

Additionally, It will permit construction of mixed use buildings, office buildings, institutional buildings, commercial buildings and commercial residential buildings as well as residential apartments and triplexes. Street townhomes, lane access townhomes and back-to-back townhomes are also permitted in the NC zone. Residential apartment buildings must have a minimum density of 35 residential units per net hectare and a maximum density of 150 residential units per net hectare. Minimum height for all types of buildings is 2 storeys with a maximum height of 6 storeys.