Francis and Digna Flores

This just to thank you for having a great agent in Maryam Kermani! Maryam had helped us in so many ways we think were not possible. Two times now Maryam had helped us find good tenants in otherwise difficult times and circumstances but she was able to pull through in both occassions.

What we are so happy about is that these are just small businesses, as the one in Mississauga is just for the two rooms only, and the other one in Beamsville is just too far for her to commute. In both cases, she showed that there is no small or big businesses nor easy or difficult ones. For her, it is her client’s concern and complete satisfaction that’s foremost and top priority in her mind.

Maryam is very pleasant and professional in dealing with us. She is generous in sharing her experience as a landlord and real estate knowledge. She also gives helpful tips and insights.

She is systematic, resourceful and efficient in screening prospective tenants. She is a good listener and ensures that our interests are upheld and safeguarded. She respects our feedbacks.

Customers gravitate towards agents who exude positive energy, aura and outlook. Maryam is a real ambassador and a rare gem who we love working with. We will surely recommend her to our family, friends and relatives!

Another very satisfied client,