Georgia McKinnon

Last summer Obie Khwaja acted on my behalf for the sale of my home in Lorne Park and the purchase of my new home in north Mississauga.
When I decided to move I walked into the McDadi office on Clarkson Rd. Obie was the only agent there. I introduced myself and told him I was interested in looking at condominium apartments in the area. I said I wanted to see what was available before I decided to sell. I didn’t mention where I lived and he didn’t ask. He pulled up a few condo listings and made some appointments.

After viewing some of the listings I asked him to evaluate my property. I stress at no time did I feel any pressure or stress.
He listed the property at my agreed price and sold it the first weekend it was on the market. When i needed to find a new place to live he was patient and helpful and found the perfect apartment in North Mississauga at an excellent price. He not only provided sage advice on closing dates, he recommended excellent lawyers and movers, both of whom I’ve had the pleasure of their services since.

In short, Obie is a treasure. Any firm would be fortunate to him in their employ.
I recognize my message is unsolicited but not having a survey request from your client care department I am taking the opportunity to express my gratitude for the services McDadi Realty offers and in particular for the care and attention provided me by Obie Khwaja.

Thank you for your consideration in this matter.