J Wong

Niki Sadiq-Singh was our realtor and was incredibly helpful in navigating us through this turbulent time in housing and mortgage market with ease. She is very knowledgeable and has years of experience. She’s honest, personable, passionate and attentive. She understood our situation and was able to provide guidance through the whole process.

She has a very direct approach which worked for us. She was attentive to our questions but did not sugar coat anything and was able to explain the more complicated aspects of our situation and offer alternatives and solutions. With creeping interest rates and falling house prices she worked tirelessly to sell our house in this volatile market. She called us daily with updates, reassurances and solutions.

She also had various contacts in the industry which she was able to introduce us to – lawyers, mortgage broker, painters, movers and contractors. Which was incredibly helpful.

We were able to sell our house which we are SO grateful for and now we are in our dream house! I highly recommend Niki if you are buying a house. She was amazing!