Mohammed Daanish Zackria

My first experience with Ashley was over a year ago. I had just landed in Canada and had no background no financial documents and no credit history. Looking for homes was going to be an absolute nightmare. I started with the brute force approach and started reaching out to as many listings as I could. Sending a viewing request at close to midnight and receiving an instant reply I was taken aback. Ashley ( whos work ethic is second to none) for reasons known best to her decided she wanted to help me find a place and went out of her way to help me secure one despite all the shortcomings on my application.

A year later we had decided to buy and we obviously called Ashley, she took care of everything including introducing us to mortgage brokers, lawyers and basically making sure we got what we wanted with very little effort. She truly is an amazing professional but beyond that is now a good friend. Her network and professionalism are second to none. Having been involved in real-estate for over 15 years I can safely say Ashley is a cut above the rest. When SamMcDadi real estate says call us and forget about the rest they are talking about Ashley.