Shafiq Vayani

Choosing Ashley Shumate at Sam Mcdadi’s Real Estate Inc, to help me sell my condo was the right decision. I did my research on the agent I wanted to represent me and after meticulously research and going through various reviews of other realtors, I settled to go with Ashley. She went the extra mile from our very first phone conversation to the first meeting, to getting my condo ready, to negotiating the very best deal for me. Not only was she successful in selling my condo, but she helped make the process as stress free as possible. She answered all my questions, made herself available and focused on the sale to get me the best deal. She was prompt, efficient, professional – and very easy to deal with. She even sought professional advice for me when she didn’t have an answer or needed me to be steered in the right direction, which I must say is very rare quality that most other agents don’t want to get for a client. I really enjoyed working with Ashley and I can highly recommend her for all your real estate needs. There are countless realtors I have met and researched on but Ashley Shumate sets a high bar for anyone to even come close to her standard and work ethics. Ashley is in a league of her own and a true honest professional! And to Sam McDadi you have a “Gem” in your team “Ashley Shumate”.