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Understanding the value of your home is a crucial step in determining if it is the right time to sell your home.

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We provide detailed, comprehensive, free home evaluations. These complimentary evaluations can help you find out the value of your home, the appreciation trends in your neighbourhood and other important statistics. We believe even if you are not considering selling your home today, that an annual market evaluation is an important undertaking in understanding your most significant financial asset.

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    Divina Villanueva

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    • English
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    Sales Representative

    With years of experience as a Licensed Mortgage Agent, Divina has decided to join the Sam McDadi Real Estate Inc. as a Licensed Sales Representative. She is no doubt a one-stop shop for your house-hunting mission. Not only can she help you acquire that dream home locally, but she can also guide and lead you to finding your most-sought properties in the USA, Mexico, and the Philippines. As a real estate investor in those beautiful countries, she can help you develop and expand your business portfolio internationally.

    Everybody knows how tedious and stressful property -hunting or selling can be, so Divina’s experience in both fields can definitely relieve that burden. Being a founder and owner of several different self-established businesses, Divina is driven into excellence with her passion for customer satisfaction as her number one priority. She has built an enterprise to help different businesses that focus on self-development, health, wellness, finance, and career strategies. An empowered woman by all rights, Divina has co-founded her renovations company (VL Reno & Design, Inc.) based in Hamilton, Ontario where she moved from the Philippines as a young child. She can for sure hammer down that last nail that seals the deal!

    When not at work with her several full-time jobs (yes, she has more than one!), Divina is a fur mom to her dog Fluffy, or sun-basking somewhere else in the world, whether in Hawaii or Mexico, adapting easily with the locals like a chameleon in the rainforest. This woman hustles and is always on the go.

    Whether you are looking to buying or selling, Divina makes the process comfortable and easy, making sure that you get the value for your money.