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Pelsamy & Premila Naiken

“Hello Mr McDadi,

Thank you for your service. It was a great pleasure to work with you and your team. We really appreciate the effort and professionalism shown during the process of selling our home at 635 Huntington Ridge Drive. We are also very grateful to your knowledgeable team.

Our special thanks to EJ Yoo, Donna Desormeaux, Sheila Nicoletti, Roxanne Labeda, Somina Madan, and the movers for the quality of their work.

Our house was sold within a few days with over the asking price. The best service we have received.

Thank you.”

Kim and Peter

“Selecting a Real Estate Agent to sell your home is a big decision but we enthusiastically recommend Sam for a professional knowledgeable complete process. We had originally gone with another agency but it seems they mostly feel their job is done when they sign you up and list you and 90 days later we felt completely let down.

Sam gave end to end seamless service and was always cheerfully responsive to any of our many questions. He is a very intelligent unpretentious guy who knows the market thoroughly and he spent as much time as we needed in explaining anything we asked about. Home preinspection, valuation, staging, photos – everything was top class and made easy for us and he always gave us confidence that all would go well. His team are great reflections of him and are obviously experienced at their crafts.

Sam never altered any of his commitments and in fact he offered more help all along the way. He got us increased exposure to the right Buyers and then did the negotiation as we had asked fulfilling all of our original requests.

We are not just completely satisfied but we feel we have a reliable friend in Sam. You can trust him for a knowledgeable informed expert analysis on anything real estate related.

Thanks Sam!”


“Hi Mark,

I just wanted to pass this along in regards to my experience that I had with you and Sam when it came to selling my house.

From the onset you made the scheduling for me very easy and convenient. Sam was available upon first request and when he visited my house he had a lot of knowledge for the current market, my area and my type of home.  He offered a great strategy for listing and even offered his staging services. The stager appointment was made within the day and was onsite within 2 days. She offered some great ideas and when the house was ready Sam was back for a final visit and pictures which was represented very well.

I was amazed with Sam’s skill set and when it came to accepting offers he vetted all the proposals ahead of time and ended with a final sale over asking.

Overall the experience was very positive and would definitely recommend and use Sam and his team again.

Thanks again for all the help.”

David Ledoux

“My brother-in-law laughed at me when I said we could sell our house in under a month – until Sam McDadi sold it in six days and $26,000 above asking price!

My name is David. My wife and I have lived in Mississauga for the past 6 years. We just sold our home. I wanted to share our remarkable story with first time home buyers, people moving into the area, or people thinking about selling their Mississauga home.

In late May 2011 we decided to relocate to a small town near London Ontario. We found a home we liked, and then faced the same daunting questions that perhaps you are wrestling with.

Who do we get to list our home?

How do we figure what it’s worth?

How long will it take?

Should we try to sell it by ourselves?

Will there be showings interrupting our dinner and “looky-loos” digging through our stuff?

Is selling the house really worth the hassle?

Listen. I found the most professional team in Mississauga when it comes to helping you with your real estate. My experience was incredible. I have moved 4 times in the last 16 years and this was the smoothest process I have ever been through in real estate.

Perhaps you know Sam McDadi. Like you, I have seen his smiling face on giant billboards all over Mississauga for years. Giant headlines shout “TEAM MCDADI” on magazines, and buses and benches. Maybe you never questioned it or thought about it. But let me tell you something…when it comes to getting great results in real estate, today it’s all about a SYSTEM.

Sam has been one of the top guys in Mississauga real estate for two decades. We met with Sam on Monday, June 6, 2011. After my wife and I sat with Sam to discuss listing our home, I came to a couple of conclusions.

Sam is extremely informed about current price, timing and the selling process.

Sam is incredibly professional and a heck of a people person.

Sam leverages a very well-trained TEAM to market your home.

Sam has the best SYSTEM I have ever seen for making your experience remarkable.

When it came time to fill out the paper work and list our home, my wife gave Sam a dollar figure for what she hoped for in our sale price. She wasn’t prepared for what came next.

“Your home will sell in a week for at least $20,000 more than that number!” exclaimed Sam. We were a little in shock. We knew the market was hot, and that our timing was good. Could we really get this done that quickly and for that price?

Once the paperwork was done, the amazing team at Sam’s disposal went into action. Our home was examined throughly from top to bottom by a gifted home stager named Sandra. We quickly learned how important it was to properly prepare your home for the showing process. Small details, decorations and room layouts were all part of the checklist. We were keen to make a good impression on as many buyers as possible, so we made the changes Sandra recommended. In three days we could barely recognize our own home!

The garage was cleaned out, windows were washed, and photos were taken for the listing. All was quiet for nearly a day. And then the phone began to ring.

Sam McDadi has a team of wonderful phone professionals that work with you and your schedule to accommodate showings. You never have to worry about an unexpected knock at the door and some agent dragging a couple of strangers through your kitchen at dinner time. All appointments are scheduled in advance and you have time to prepare your home.

Our phone began to ring on the Thursday night. We had 5 showings on Friday. Plus an open house on Saturday and Sunday. One of Sam’s top handpicked agents ran the open houses. Visitors, prospects and their agents were recorded for follow-up. The entire process was so smooth and professional. You should have seen the stack of business cards on my kitchen table!

Monday night we assembled at Sam’s office to meet with the people that wanted to purchase our house. We were in for an amazing shock.

We had 14 offers on our home!

Of the nearly 4 dozen people who saw our house over a 3 day span, 14 wanted to place an offer. It was so exciting!

My wife and I were filled with a myriad of emotions. We were thrilled that there was so much interest. We were a little sad that a dozen families were going to miss out on a home. There can only be one winner in a bidding war, right? We sat in Sam’s boardroom and watched the evening unfold.

Sam met with each agent individually and personally thanked them for their hard work and for bringing in an offer. Each offer was inspected for price, deposit, closing, financing and conditions. It was quite an experience. This is where you want the best in your corner! Imagine the complexity and human element of dealing with 14 agents, plus their clients in a highly charged emotional situation. Sam kept everyone smiling, and as relaxed as possible. In under 90 minutes we had reviewed all 14 offers, and 5 second offers that came back with enhancements to price and conditions.

A nice young couple bought our house. They are expecting their first baby a few weeks before moving. We were very happy that they brought in the best offer. They are going to love the neighborhood, and the home.

We were overjoyed to get $26,000 over the asking price that Sam had set. Which was $20,000 more than what we had originally hoped for. That’s a total of $46,000 more than what we even dreamed of just a week ago!

Just seven days after meeting Sam we had a firm offer and are busy packing for our move to the country. The process was so professional. The experience was so painless and smooth. I can’t say enough positive praise for Sam and his entire team.

Would I recommend Sam McDadi and his team to my friends and family? In a heartbeat. I’ve been telling everyone I know about him. Real estate doesn’t have to be mysterious or scary if you’ve got the top guy in your corner. If you need to get things handled quickly and smoothly, you need a team with a proven system. Sam’s our guy.”

Brad Boyes, Professional Hockey Player

“I met Sam about three years ago through a mutual friend. When my wife and I decided we wanted to buy a home, we contacted Sam to see what he could do for us. His results exceeded our every expectation. First of all, my schedule can be very difficult at times as I am a professional hockey player. I’m away a lot and I’m only in town for short periods of time. Sam was extremely accommodating; he always worked within my limited schedule. We were looking at upwards of 14 houses a day, sometimes. He lined up all the visits. He knew what we were looking for and he was great at finding exactly the style of home we were interested in. He didn’t waste our time.

One of the best aspects of dealing with Sam is he always gave us his honest opinion about every home we viewed. I have dealt with real estate agents before and sometimes they can be pushy toward a particular sale. Sam wasn’t pushy at all. He just gave his honest opinion. He pointed out the pros and cons of each home. He was very knowledgeable about the area. We felt at ease knowing Sam was helping us make such an important financial decision.

It was a great feeling dealing with Sam. We felt like he truly cared that we bought the home we wanted. He was happy, only if we were happy.

If we were ever to move somewhere else, definitely I would use Sam. We had a great experience with Sam and we really appreciate everything he did for us.”

Wilf Paiment, NHL Hockey Player

“Being a long standing resident of Mississauga for over 2 decades, when I have any real estate needs I turn to Sam. I have known Sam for over 20 years and he has always acted with honesty and integrity. He knows the Mississauga market exceptionally well. Sam in all my dealings which has spanned decades has always provided me great insight and advise. He has never steered me wrong. I have and will continue to refer my friends and family to Sam.”

Mary Lou Tucci

“Thank you, thank you, thank you! Where do I begin when it comes to Sam and his team of experts? One thing is for certain – he has been a God-send to me!

As a single Mom with four small children and working full time, I barely have time to breathe, so when I first considered selling my home, it seemed like such a daunting task – one that was not only mind-boggling but extremely terrifying. I contacted Sam via e-mail and received a response almost immediately. He took it upon himself, personally, to come out to my home and meet with me in order to get a sense of what I needed as a potential seller. Right from the start, he made me feel at ease and the thought of selling my home no longer seemed so challenging. My home sold in 11 days and I purchased my new home within two weeks of that. Now that is what I call unbelievable! WOW! In the short time I had known Sam, as well as Shannon, his assistant, they made me feel comfortable and confident in my real estate decisions.

I sincerely thank you for all your help and support, not to mention your patience and understanding. Please accept my gratitude and praise for a job well done! I would definitely recommend Sam McDadi and his real estate team to anyone who is serious about buying, selling or both! You couldn’t be in more capable hands.”

Leslie and Gloria Elliot

“We listed our home with Sam McDadi of Remax in early April of this year 2010. Our place is located in the Mississauga Golf Club Area. Currently we are waiting for the final conditions to be removed from the offer in order to complete the transaction.

Both Sam and his team have been nothing but 100% professional and honest in the listing, sale and marketing of our home. This Company uses every possible marketing tool available giving the property full exposure, then sends their veteran skilled Sales Force in to get the offer.

We very highly recommend Sam and his people to anyone looking to sell or purchase Real Estate.”

Rala Bekdach

“I had my condo on the market for more than three months when I was told about the great job Sam McDadi does and how fast he sells. I decided to call him. I met him and decided to give him the business as I was very impressed with the following:

He came personally to meet me on a weekend although he knew my condo was not a major sale for him. Rarely have I found somebody who cares for his clients and his name more than money (and that automatically built trust). He listened, paid attention and understood exactly what I needed. He was patient with excellent manners, was pleasant to talk to and was a very good listener. He was very professional and organized and showed how he helps his clients in every possible way. He honoured his commitments AND HE MANAGED TO SELL MY CONDO IN 4 DAYS.

Maybe Sam did not make much money on my condo but at least 20 of my friends and contacts have heard me talking about the great job he did.

Thank you Sam – I am happy that I decided to deal with you”

Miney & Michael

“Like any newly married couple purchasing a first home, we had so many questions and doubts about every aspect of what seemed to be an overwhelming process. We were fortunate to find Sam McDadi through one of his listings and felt immediately at ease with him. What impressed us most was that Sam took the time to find out not only what we wanted in a home, but also how to make us comfortable with the purchasing process itself.
From the first day of our search, until well after the closing, Sam helped us every step of the way, preparing us legally, financially and mentally. We inundated him with questions and re- quests, and he was always patient, receptive and accommodating – making us feel like we were a priority. He gave us important insights into the home buying market, analyzed our financial situation, and made us so much more con dent of our decision. Sam was extremely knowledgeable, and was an excellent resource even after we found our perfect home. He referred us to a flexible lender, a competent and thorough real estate lawyer, and a home inspector who saved us a considerable amount of money.
Sam exceeded all our expectations of what kind of service a real estate agent should provide. He was so pleasant and a able to work with, that a lot of our trepidation about our ‘big decision’ seemed to disappear. We are so happy in our new home, and would not hesitate to recommend Sam to our friends, family, or anyone who wants to take the anxiety out of home buying.”


“I am a single mother who never believed in my wildest dreams that I could afford or qualify for a house on my own. Sam McDadi reassured me that I could qualify and he would help me find my perfect house without pushing and with great patience and understanding, Sam indeed kept his promise. Sam was the most understanding and reassuring person throughout the whole process from beginning to end. He made buying my first home a memorable and wonderful experience.
Without Sam, I believe wholeheartedly that today, I would still be renting and would not be in my perfect house. I want to take the time to thank Sam McDadi for everything he did to make my
dream come true.”

Michael & Lynsay

“Michael and I met Sam McDadi over a year ago. We interviewed him, along with three other top brokers for the sale of our existing home and purchase of a new home. Right away we felt com- fortable that Sam was the best choice to help us through this process. Sam provided us with his expert advice and counsel based on his vast knowledge of the business and marketplace.
He is a very trustworthy and was always available whether in person, by phone call or text providing us his personal time and attention through the entire process. We heard from others that Sam wasn’t accessible and his availability was limited. In our experience to the contrary, that couldn’t have been further from the truth. Sam was 100% involved as we viewed countless homes over the course of a year, always providing sound advice. Sam’s expert advice played a vital part in the listing and marketing of our home with a sale after only 4 days on the market and obtaining 98% of the asking price. We set a record sale price for our Credit Mills home.
His team was the best we have ever dealt with. The team which includes stagers, inspectors, photographers and videographers were outstanding. Their professionalism as a team was immediately noted.
We would not hesitate to recommend Sam McDadi as a real estate broker to our family and friends. In fact, we have already referred Sam to two of our friends.”


“I would like to acknowledge the excellent job Sam McDadi has done with my real estate trans- action. I deal with salespeople in my profession every day, and it is very rare to find a person who is truly interested in doing an excellent job from start to finish. Sam made purchasing my first house a very enjoyable experience without any hidden costly surprises. Sam explained all the steps of the purchase clearly and even accompanied me to the bank for financing. I would recommend Sam to any of my family or friends and look forward to doing business with him again.”

Donna & Bill

“Sam and his team were more than perfect. On a scale of 1 to 10, we would rate them an 11! From day one, Sam was there for us, walking us through the process, providing feedback, and keeping us positive that our home would sell in a timely, professional manner. We had no worries at all. Team McDadi was there for us 24/7. We buy and sell homes frequently. From now on, Sam will be the one to handle all of our realty matters. We will definitely tell all our family and friends to call Sam McDadi. It was a worry-free process.”


“Having met Sam during my own real estate career, which ended 5 years ago, I knew that Sam conducted his business in a professional and honest manner. It was this that sparked me to have Sam handle my, as well as my brother’s, personal real estate purchases. In both transactions, Sam directed us to a banking institution that offered 120 day pre-approvals on mortgages. This proved to be very significant because of the recent increase in interest rates. My brother and I both felt that Sam had spent quality time with us during our pursuit of a new home, and that he negotiated a price that was very fair to us! At no point would I hesitate to refer any of my friends or family to Sam in the future.”

Jacqueline & Kieron

“Just a note to let you know how excited Jackie and I are with our new home. We would like to thank you for all your efforts! The speed in which everything was done made all the difference. Your referral to the mortgage advisor and the lawyer made us feel we were working with a top class team. We were impressed by your genuine interest in us not only before but also after the sale. It is refreshing to deal with someone of your obvious integrity. We would have no hesitation in recommending your services in the future.”

Monica & Sean

“In today’s competitive Real Estate Market, it is difficult to find an agent who really cares about your needs. Many agents are looking for the “fast sale” to get a “quick buck.” However, Sam McDadi is a first-class agent and person. Sam understands that you are not just looking for a house, but a home to raise your family in. Sam is hard working, caring and helpful and he is there every step of the way with expert advice in finding the right home for you.
So when you are ready to buy or sell, give Sam a call. Sam will help you find the right home and won’t rush you into buying something you are not happy with, just to get a sale.”

Mark & Wendy

“Just a note to again express sincere thanks and appreciation for the excellent service, advice and support provided to Wendy and I through the sale of our home. From the moment we met you, we had a sense of calm and assurance that this would be a top class, seamless and drama-free experience. I assure you, it was. In fact, you and the team surpassed my expectations.
In an age where so many sales and service professionals engender skepticism and doubt, you have reinforced what excellence in execution could and should look like. I really appreciate the time and attention to detail and I assure you, you will be hearing from me again soon. Warm regards and deepest thanks.”

Dr. Gage Averill Dean of Arts, UBC and Mrs. Giovanna Perot-Averill

“Simply put- there is no other agent we would consider to handle our real estate matters. Sam made the process remarkably easy, uncomplicated and always provided us with unbiased guidance.
We interviewed several real estate agents to sell our home – we were moving out of province on a short timeline and really needed someone we could trust to handle the sale. It was evident to us right away that Sam was in a class of his own.
It is entirely refreshing in this day and age to work with someone like Sam who is a unique blend of consummate professional and just great overall “nice guy.”
Sam has an impressive grasp of his eld, (backed by an MBA), a highly organized team and a business model that fully supports his clients (from 24hr service, to home staging if needed, to pre-home inspections for sellers – so any issues could be addressed up front). To top it o he is truly a lovely person to work with.
He is sharp as a tack, energetic, accessible, and has a surprisingly caring disposition. (As a matter of fact, during the process of selling our home I had a serious back injury and Sam arranged at his own initiative and expense, an in-home therapy session for me. He always asked how I was doing even before we would talk business). The gesture hints at the quality of person you would get in working with Sam coupled of course with his obvious skill in the real-estate arena.
His team of agents and staff are first class all the way – following Sam’s lead. Client care and satisfaction is a demonstrated top priority.
It is without reservation that we recommend Sam and his team. If you want the best, the choice is obvious. Sam, wish we could have taken you with us to Vancouver to find our new home…you will be a hard act to follow. We wish you and your team continued success!”

Peter Federson

“Dear Sam, I do not make it a habit to comment on a specific business transaction I had been involved in. As a matter of fact, I have never done it. I have even refused to comment on any- thing I had been asked to comment on, such as hotels and traveling etc. I had been the General Manager of a large Multinational Firm, and I can see good performance and if a company per- forms well as a motivated team. Therefore, I think there is an exception in this case and I feel it is appropriate to comment on your company and how it performed in selling my property. You sent an engineer to see if my property will meet the scrutiny of a purchaser’s home-inspection. I was sure there would be no issue; however there were a few which were corrected, so there were no issues once the home was sold. You sent a staging manager. She was extremely helpful to identify, how through a few changes, the home could even look more attractive. (I had no idea, and a few home owners do, about the value of staging.) A photographer showed up, spent a few hours at my house, and a 20 page catalogue was prepared. This made everything very appealing. Last not least, your assistant Sheila Marie Nicoletti was exceptional. She kept me abreast of potential client reactions, and made me feel I was part of the process, even though I was 6,000 Km away. Anyway Sam, give my regards to your team.”

Marcia & Kenroy

“We would like to thank you for the excellent work you’ve done as our Real Estate Agent in helping us sell our house. We were about to change our minds after two other real estate agents advised us that we would never get the price we wanted for our house, due to their own personal evaluation. We came upon your name and decided to give it one more try. It worked! It takes special dedicated people like you, who put their own opinions aside and take time to listen and care about the customer’s wellbeing. Not only did you sell our house in 32 days, but you also got 97% of the asking price. You’ve gone from a complete stranger to being one who has earned our highest respect as a very honest professional and will always be a true friend.”

J. Douglas Barnett, B.A., LL.B. Barrister & Solicitor

Colleague Acknowledgment

“It gives me great pleasure to author this letter of recommendation on behalf of Mr. Sam McDadi.
I have worked with Sam for several years, and have been impressed with the fact that
he has consistently maintained the highest level of client service and ethical standards while being at the same time a top producing real estate representative. As the founder of the law rm that processes the most resale real estate transactions in the Greater Toronto Area, I have found over the years that the best recipe for great success in the real estate industry is hard work, dedication, honesty, loyalty and serving the client beyond the client’s expectations. Sam has mastered these skills at the highest level.
For this reason, I have recommended many of my own clients to Mr. McDadi, and I have
no hesitation in recommending him to you.”

Christine Forth

“I can’t think of a better example of quality service, integrity and professionalism mixed with discipline, and dedication in meeting and exceeding client expectations.  Sam is personable, respectful, patient and his experience and knowledge shine through when he is representing you.  I would put a lot of faith in someone who has proven themselves time and again regardless of the size of homes he has listed or value.  Sam McDadi outshines the rest.  I felt honoured to have him personally represent me, even though my house was far from the multi million dollar range of homes he has listed, he made me feel comfortable and confident that he would do his best and he did!  8 offers, 4 days, 10% over ask.  One very satisfied client!”

Donna M.

Sam McDadi’s genuine passion, business savvy and intimate knowledge of the
Business of Real Estate sets him miles apart from the competition. His hand picked team performs like an orchestra in the wings. Each team member has a complete understanding of their well defined function in the art of consistently “delivering” world class service. Sam McDadi is the real deal! If you are looking to hire the best real estate expert in Mississauga to handle your transaction, simply call Sam McDadi. Sam has handled our business and is the only person who will handle all our future real estate transaction.”