Marta Jurewicz

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  • English
  • Polish
Lead Stager

Marta's journey into the world of home staging began as a labour of love, and it has grown into a thriving career. With an acute eye for design, a flair for creativity, and a keen understanding of the power of aesthetics, she has helped countless homeowners make their properties stand out in the competitive market. Beyond the aesthetics, she comprehends the psychology of space and how it can influence potential buyers. With a good sense of how to balance between style and functionality, she ensures that every staged home is not just beautiful but also practical and inviting.

When Marta is not immersed in the world of home staging, you'll often find her in the comforting embrace of her family. It's what brings her joy and contentment. There's also her condo, her personal sanctuary, which serves as a canvas for her creativity, allowing her to constantly rearrange and enhance the space she cherishes so deeply. It's in these moments that Marta finds solace and inspiration. Additionally, she finds great joy in curling up with a good self-help book, seeking wisdom and personal growth. These moments of relaxation and self-reflection are essential to rejuvenate her spirit, ensuring she's always ready to bring new life to the homes she touches with her staging expertise.