Sylwia Duszlak

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Sylwia, a gifted stager hailing from Poland, embarked on a remarkable journey fueled by creativity and transformation. Her fascination with the art of decorating and designing, which ignited during her childhood, has always been a driving force in her life. With her loving husband, Lucas, by her side, Sylwia left behind her Polish roots and ventured to Canada in pursuit of new opportunities. Despite the inevitable challenges of adapting to a new culture, Sylwia's unwavering passion for design remained steadfast, propelling her forward.

In every project she undertakes, Sylwia's creative vision and unwavering dedication shine through, leaving an indelible mark on all who experience her work. She possesses a unique ability to seamlessly blend aesthetics, functionality, and storytelling, which places her in a league of her own within the world of stage design. Each space she touches becomes a canvas waiting to be adorned with her distinctive vision. Sylwia takes the time to delve into the distinct personality of each environment and the dreams of her clients, firmly believing that the secret to successful staging lies in the art of storytelling through design. Her work creates narratives that resonate with potential buyers, sparking their imagination and leaving a lasting impression.

Beyond her professional triumphs, Sylwia is a devoted mother to two beautiful daughters. Together, they share a profound love for travel and adventure, whether it's carving down the slopes in the mountains or immersing themselves in diverse cultures. This blend of family, creativity, and exploration forms the tapestry of Sylwia's life, making her a truly exceptional individual who continues to shape the world through her talent and passion.