Veronica Marie Medeiros

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Being born and raised in the City of Mississauga, and understanding diversity is not about differences but simply about embracing one another’s uniqueness, Veronica chooses to implement an empathetic approach to interacting with those she has been fortunate to come in contact with. This, coupled with being one of seven children in a Portuguese household, has ultimately strengthened her ability to build meaningful relationships and provide high quality service to her clients.

Graduating with Distinction from the University of Toronto with an Honours Bachelor of Arts Degree in Criminology and Sociology, Veronica credits her academic achievements to being hard working, inquisitive, and dedicated – qualities she believes to be paramount to succeeding in real estate.

Commencing her real estate career as an Executive Assistant to Sam McDadi, Veronica has had the privilege of learning all facets of the industry. Specifically, she believes at the heart of real estate lies a passionate real estate agent who centers her vision and purpose on creating consumer relationships that are founded on transparency, integrity, and confidence – all with the intent of gaining her clients trust and building lasting relationships.

Being a part of Team McDadi and helping families achieve their real estate dreams truly makes every step of the process rewarding. As she likes to say, “there is nothing more beautiful than someone who goes out of their way to make life more beautiful for others”.


Veronica Medeiros knocked it out of the park! She turned a stressful time to purchase during the pandemic into something we looked forward to; we had a fun and productive experience with Veronica. Not to mention we found exactly what we where looking for with her guidance. Intelligence, a great sense of humour with professionalism is what your headed for with this talented young and up coming super agent. #SuperAgentVeronicaMedeiros

- Kirk Kerr

My husband and I sold and bought our home with Veronica Medeiros at Sam McDadi real estate. She was very professional and really made to sure to have a great understanding on what we wanted/needed in our new home. She was super dedicated and made sure we were not just settling for anything. She is highly recommended by me!

- Kelly

My husband and I had the pleasure of meeting with Veronica Medeiros back in February when we reached out to Sam McDadi for assistance… We knew Veronica was going to be our go to person. Her dedication and support throughout this entire process has been unimaginable. As first time homebuyers, it was imperative for us to work with someone who was knowledgeable, trustworthy, caring, and patient. She provided us with a detailed analysis of every home as well as comparable data to support her thoughts on pricing… She was transparent and honest every step of the way, which made it easy to work with her. She also gave us a complete breakdown of buying costs such as deposits, closing costs (CHMC Fees, Moving Costs, Land Transfer Taxes, Lawyer Fees, etc) which helped us understand the process of purchasing a home and also making us feel at ease about our first purchase. Veronica, thank you for your hard work and for being with us every step of the way. Not only were you our realtor, but you will always be our friend, and for that we are grateful for having the pleasure to meet you.

- Samia

The presence and unwavering support and encouragement of Veronica even at this point was superb- par excellence. The patience she had shown while we were on the journey of looking for a home, her immediate response to our concern no matter how far the distance maybe, was deeply inspiring. No words tantamount to describe the genuineness of her actions inspite of our ordinariness.

- Marilyn

…If you want positive results we highly recommend to deal with Ms. Veronica Medeiros a fantastic, energetic sales agent who will be by your side to make sure all deadline are met. Ms Medeiros will coordinate (in timely fashion) bookings and appointments as needed. Ms. Medeiros made us feel very relax throughout the whole process (selling and buying). Even completion of deals/documents she made it fast, easy and she is very thorough.

- Rodel Pantaleon

Extremely happy with the services provided by Veronica Medeiros at Sam McDadi Real Estate. She took the time to provide me with comparable pricing in the area and to go over all the details of the unit. She acted with professionalism and she was a pleasure to talk to. Moreover, she answered all the questions I had and I felt assured that I was in good hands. If you are thinking of renting or buying I would highly recommend contacting Veronica.

- Sara Pisani

Another successful dealing with Sam and his team (5 transactions total), and this time around I had privilege of working with Veronica Medeiros. From day one she was very professional, accommodating and made the entire process stress free. Being in management myself this is the kind of person I would want on my team and I highly recommend asking for her as I will be in near future yet again.

- Adam Markiewicz