2019 Interior Design Trends: What’s In and What’s Out!

Whether you’re planning to sell your Greater Toronto Area home right away or you want a home interior makeover that’ll give you a reason to stay in your home, you’ll be interested in the interior design trends for 2019. Expert designers get clues about upcoming trends for the following year at the annual Milan Furniture Fair. The last event indicated some surprises, as well as some expected directional shifts for 2019 interior design trends. Here are the top design trends for the major rooms in your home.

2019 Interior Design Trends: What’s In and What’s Out!

Kitchens Go Dark for Ultra-Rich Look

The kitchen, which is arguably the heart of the home, has been dominated by dazzling whites and other sunny hues for years. Dark colors are the new sought-after shades for cabinetry and appliances. Cabinets that are painted dark blues, greens, and plums give 2019 kitchens super-luxurious looks. Take this trend to the extreme, and you’ll see all-black kitchens that feature black stainless steel appliances.

Bathrooms Warm Up for Tech

Splashes of warm colors make 2019 bathrooms glow. You’ll see terracotta-colored tiles on backsplashes, flooring and tub surrounds. A matte finish differentiates this modern trend from the one that you experienced a few decades ago. In addition to warmer tones on walls, floors, and cabinets, 2019 bathrooms feature more integrated technology than ever. For example, vanity mirrors double as computer and phone screens that allow you to get the latest traffic and weather updates while you floss.

Bedrooms Go Soft and Sustainable

Simple, clean-line designs are in. Designers will replace those straight-backed desks, chairs, and beds of conventional minimalist designs with softer curves and cushions in 2019. You’ll see upholstered headboards on beds and fixtures that are made of sustainable materials. Cork board wall paneling, bamboo flooring, and wool rugs feature prominently in 2019 bedrooms.

Lived-in Looks for Living Rooms Prevail

Living rooms are more relaxed spaces in 2019 home interiors. You’ll see these spaces outfitted with genuine or faux wood ceiling beams that offer a rustic look. Designers will use vintage furniture in these spaces that appeal to the modern homeowner’s desire to live more sustainably. Those pieces will be accented with new furnishings that feature modern materials and textures. Designers will also use distressed-looking decorations that seem to have an interesting backstory to enhance living room interiors. In 2019 home buyers will prefer living rooms that are separated from other rooms in a house over open-space versions when they’re available. These buyers want living rooms that aren’t affected by the noise and smells of nearby kitchens and dining rooms.

Creation of Relaxation Spaces

In 2019, designers expect more homeowners to create private nooks where they can relax at home and not at expensive day spas. These alcoves have lots of greenery and are often positioned away from electrical outlets to discourage electronic distractions. You don’t need a lot of room to create these havens. You can transform the space under your staircase or near a large window into a cozy reading nook.

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