The Best Design Elements for 2017: How to Sell Your Home Quickly

Fads come and go, but a good sense of style can last for decades. The style of your home says a lot about you, your tastes and preferred design techniques. The style and decor of your home also can help you sell it a lot faster if you follow some simple decor rules of thumb. What it comes down to is functionality in a comfortable, aesthetic surrounding. Applying these guidelines with what is trending in the year 2017, can set your home apart from the competition.

1. See ya later, STUFF!

No matter what year it is, this rule applies across the board. First impressions make a big difference when selling homes, so if the first thing a potential buyer sees in your home is clutter, that is what they will remember about your home.

The decor of choice here is the well-known motto, “less is more.” Do some spring cleaning and box up personal pictures, knick-knacks, papers, kids toys etc. Keep some nice pops of decor out to liven up the space but keep it to a minimum. This applies to furniture too. Too much furniture will make the space look smaller.

2. Reposition Furniture

Instead of shoving furniture against walls, reposition them in groupings. For example, position your living room sofa and chairs in a nice conversational group away from the walls. This actual creates the illusion of more space, if the furniture is kept to a minimum and it makes the space more inviting.

3. Repurpose Spare/Junk Rooms

If you have a tendency to store your extra belongings into the spare bedroom or in the basement, think about repurposing it into a space that will add value to your home. Today many people appreciate having an at-home yoga studio or meditation room or quiet room. This can be easy to accomplish by simply placing some decorative pillows on the floor with some rubber padding or an area rug. Add some ambient lighting and there you have it, a space set aside from the everyday hustle and bustle to relax and unwind in.

4. Lighting Your Home

A key aspect that creates a warm and inviting home is good lighting. Many of us don’t light our homes properly. The solution is easy and affordable: switch out your lower wattage bulbs for higher ones so that you have about 100 watts of light for every 50 square feet of space. Also, make sure you have varying types of light such as general/overhead, task lighting (under cabinet/reading), and accent pieces such as wall sconces or lamps.

5. Wall Decor and Hangings

Find some great art pieces by shopping at local flea markets, antique stores, and consignment shops. When staging your home, try to remain somewhat ‘neutral’ in the art you are hanging – don’t hang your political or religious views. Also, don’t hang your art in a stereotypical fashion. Vary the pattering and groupings of pieces so that they stick out and don’t become invisible. Vintage and retro images, rustic and shabby chic pieces displayed on old boards or pallets can add interest and coziness to your space.

6. Mix up your Accessories

Choose a few accent pieces throughout your home to liven the space up and add interest. Odd numbers are more aesthetically pleasing when arranging accessories so plan on putting things in groups of at least 3. It’s also fun to mix different styles of old and new together such as your grandma’s antique crystal with some bohemian vase of flowers. Remember, don’t go overboard when adding these finishing touches, keep it simple yet elegant.

7. Keeping the space Communal

Today families are putting to use the traditional dining room much more than just setting it aside for special, formal occasions. Furnish the space with a more contemporary, at-home dining room set that might feature a bench for one side of the table, and more comfortable chairs. Make it family and kid-friendly so that potential clients can see the space as being more of an asset to the home. Think family game nights and impromptu dinner parties. Make the space less fussy and more informal when choosing furnishings and decor.

8. 2017 Trends for the Home

While keeping the above guidelines in mind, here are some trends that are popular this year and can set your home aside from the rest.

a. Jewel tones: Think emerald greens and merlot reds. Add some jewel tones throughout your home in throw cushions, a few art pieces, and consider painting an accent wall in the bathroom or guest room.

b. Smaller furniture: Giant sectionals need to give way to smaller, more contemporary furniture. This not only looks cleaner and less cluttered but adds more space and ‘breathability’ in a room.

c. Cerused Wood: This kind of wood shows all the beauty and natural ‘flaws’ in the wood by exposing the wood in its natural state. A cerused wood dining table or kitchen island adds elegance and functionality to any space.

d. Subway tile: If you need to upgrade your bathroom or kitchen backsplash, go for the subway tile look. Vary the color of tiles or make it monochromatic to create a clean, sleek look.

e. Industrial lighting: Adding some industrial elements throughout the home such as a dining chandelier can really add interest to a room. You don’t have to go with one theme either – mix up old and new for an eclectic yet elegant living space.

While keeping in mind the essential guidelines of staging a home and throwing in some top design trends, you can have a clean, clutter-free, modern and contemporary home that can have you selling in no time. At Sam McDadi Real Estate Inc., we have in-house and full-time stagers whose purpose is to ensure our homes appeal to the widest number of potential buyers. We also have a full warehouse of furniture and accessories that are free for all our sellers to use. Contact Sam at 905-502-1500 for more details.