Best Home Design Elements for 2018

As millennials are buying houses and settling down, they are looking for a cleaner, more modern look to their homes and they are looking for homes which will be resellable in twenty to thirty years. This means, the current trend appears to be about no creative styling, no fancy detailing, just simple, basic, timeless classicism is the trend for 2018.

Best Home Design Elements for 2018

We Mix Textures Now, Not Colors

Instead of incorporating a single color with a couple of matching neutrals, textures are being used now. Picturing a black and a shade of brown is all that is used in modern homes. These colors are varied with interest by using different textures throughout the walls, cupboards, floors, rugs, furniture and wooden tables. Everything matches but nothing is boring, drab or out of place. It all fits.

Neutrals are Always In, but This Time More Powerful

In the past, white and decorator gray were the main neutrals used in home design. This was meant to allow the interior designer and homeowner as much leeway as possible when setting up the home for personal living.

However, today, more powerful neutrals such as dark brown, golden brown, and black are used. The textures in walls and floors take some of the personalization options away but are design elements in and of themselves, so it’s okay. Picking a home today is more about the entire aesthetic quality and feel of the place in its entirety rather than about what you can do to change and add to it after you purchase it.

Blacks and charcoals are used more heavily than at any other time, but they are again softened by being part of different textures and being painted over wood, thus warming the effect.

Conservation is Key: Heat and Cold Weatherproofing

Today, complete efficient heating and cooling are necessary to stay up-to-date with the home market. Inefficient heat saving or ineffective cooling techniques are now out of the question.

Homes must be able to bring the heat in and hold it there, in stasis, until vented out. Air conditioners are the same way. While central heating and air are main factors in home design, spaces are now being designed to where they hold the heat better. Cathedral ceilings, which normally make heat rise and therefore keep the room cooler than desired, are being offset by long windows and skylights, allowing the sun to warm the room and do its job.

Functionality for Family Above Minimalist Design

While cold, bare minimalist design was all the rage previously, it is now being replaced by functionality for the family. Great rooms with the living room and dining rooms combined, or the den and the kitchen space, are still popular.

Lofts and tiers of the home, including extra living spaces off of the main house are convenient for family members who are visiting or who need to expand out into more area.

Traditional Hominess has Returned, with a Modern Twist

Traditional home styles are returning due to old nostalgia cropping up in the newly independent set of young homebuyers. Traditionalism and classic styles have pervaded a once modern home market. There is a modern twist, though.

Classic Victorians, bungalows, cottages and even mansions are getting updated paint hues in off-whites and coffees and caramels, brick structures are being updated with new colors of molding in the windows (and lighter shades of brick), and old castle designs are being reconfigured in homes with a nice, open work, shaded yellow paving stone pattern.

Classic design elements are also getting an update. White painted gazebos have been brought up to modern standards with flat-topped, bronze and rust painted pergolas. Lattice archway tunnels for plants have now been updated with almost invisible wire so that plants can form a romantic tunnel without the structure being seen at all.

Traditional hearths are getting updated, too. Electric fireplaces, fit neatly into a smooth, minimalist wall provides the hearth and home of fire without the messy upkeep of poking logs. Fireplaces are also put into non-load-bearing center columns to add enjoyment to several rooms at once. This is a lot more stable and requires far less cleaning than wood-burning brick fireplaces.


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