Easy Ways to Make Your House Feel Warm and Inviting

Are you considering or actively trying to sell your house? Without the right mood and atmosphere, it can be a hard proposition. Even a house with excellent features may be passed over if the feeling of warmth and love is missing. Luckily, there are many ways you can make your space warmer and more inviting to entice buyers! As a real estate professional with 30 years of experience, I have amassed some tips. Here is my shortlist.

Easy Ways to Make Your House Feel Warm and Inviting

1. The Front Door

The first impression any stranger gets when entering a house is the front door. Is yours bare and austere? If that’s the case, considering putting up a cheery sign, a wreath, and/or a welcome mat. This will help greatly in showing potential buyers that your house is a place of family and happiness.

2. The Entryway

Next up is the entryway. Again, is your entryway bare and boring looking, with empty walls and a messy shoe rack? Tidy up when people come over to see your house, and put up some prints on the walls. Make sure that the area is clean of dust and mud and crumbs. A charming coat or hat rack may be added as well.

3. Seating Arrangement

This is one thing that most people don’t consider. How convenient are your couch and seating arrangements? Is it easy to get to and around them, or is it a struggle? Without going too much into feng shui, the flow of a room is very important. If the seating is awkward, people will feel awkward, and that’s definitely not conducive to marketing your home.

4. Plants

Houses with plants feel more alive and welcoming than houses without. A pot here and a pot there will do wonders for the feel of a house. Don’t go overboard now; having a jungle isn’t necessarily going to attract people. But a few tasteful flowers and leafy greens will definitely set the mood.

5. Texture

Texture is another thing that a lot of people selling their houses don’t think about. Would you like a house that is all hard floors and smooth surfaces? Maybe some people would, but the vast majority of buyers want to see that a house is cozy and lived in. Try putting a shaggy pillow and chunky knitted blanket on the couch to soften the living room.

6. Lines

Straight, harsh lines are not conducive to the design and decoration of a friendly house. The previously mentioned pillows and blankets can help this situation, as can round mirrors on the walls or a round rug on the floor.

7. Organization

Organization is vital to selling a house. Don’t just leave all of your books and magazines scattered everywhere and the sink full of dirty dishes when a potential buyer comes to visit! People want to see that the house is well taken care of and not used as a dumping ground. Take care where you place your things.

8. DIY

Do-it-yourself projects can and should be shown off to buyers. A wall full of beautifully hung frames shows that you know how to make good use of space, and a carefully repainted fireplace shows that you care for keeping things beautiful and up to date.

9. Scents

Scent is also extremely important, especially if you have pets. No one wants to walk into a house they are potentially considering buying and smell wet dog. Invest in some pet odor spray and consider getting some aromatherapy going even if you don’t have pets. Wax melts, room sprays, diffusers, etc. are all good choices with many, many scents. Just choose one that is discernible but not overpowering.

10. Colors

The vast majority of people prefer neutral to semi-bright colors. Few people will be impressed with a house that’s full of heavy, dark wood furniture and dark brown decor. If you feel that your house is a bit too drab, consider adding a few splashes of color. An interesting thing to do would be to paint one wall – just one – a bright color that stands out from the rest of the house. If you aren’t in a position to do that, try putting up some bright prints on the walls.

11. Rugs

Rugs soften lines and create a soft environment as well, not just for the feet but also for the eyes. A nice rug, when chosen right, can keep your feet warm from cold laminate or hardwood, provide a cozy place to sink your chilly toes and give an aesthetically pleasing air to a room. If you have any non-carpeted areas in your house and don’t currently have any rugs, consider buying one or two to spruce up the bare floor.

12. Windows

Windows are a place that many people neglect. From the curtains to the panes themselves, most of us don’t think much about windows. But they are important because they are the eyes that let the outside in to us. Before people come to tour your house, clean the windows, both inside and out, with glass cleaning spray and a squeegee. Air out the curtains, or if they’re very old, consider changing them altogether.

13. Lighting

This applies to natural lighting from windows as well as indoor electric lighting. Those who have their house facing a way that invites in natural light are lucky- they just have to open the blinds to create a welcoming, well-lit environment for important guests. Those of us who are not as lucky must carefully consider how and where to rearrange lighting so it has the greatest effect but is not disturbing. Also, consider using warm toned LED lights instead of harsh fluorescent lighting. Fluorescence reminds many people of hospitals and schools and brings unpleasant associations.

All of these tips are relatively easy but have a great impact on the feeling of a home. Call Sam McDadi at 905-500-1500 for more information on selling your home in the Greater Toronto Area.