How to Boost the Value of Your Home Through Your Backyard

When it comes to making home improvements to increase the value of your home, just about everyone is aware that the usual kitchen and bathroom upgrades can make your home more appealing to interested buyers, but did you know that an enjoyable backyard can also help increase the value of your home? In fact, upgrades made to your backyard can help sell your home well before potential buyers ever even step inside.

How to Boost the Value of Your Home Through Your Backyard

When making improvements to your backyard, I believe that the following upgrades can help improve your home’s resale value, while also increasing the quality of your family time.

Decks and Patios

Reports show that approximately 98% of buyers list a deck or patio as one of the qualities they desire in a home, making installing a deck or patio a notable investment.

By installing a deck or a patio, you essentially create an exterior room, which instantly expands the living space and attracts potential buyers. In fact, according to reports, homeowners can expect about an 87% increase in value simply by installing a basic wood deck. However, if you install composite decking, it can provide a greater return if you sell the home after the deck is more than 10 years old.

If the deck contains permanent roofing or a retractable awning, it can increase the value even further. Screening the deck from bugs and other critters may also be beneficial, especially for buyers who envision themselves spending long hours outdoors.

When building or remodeling a deck or a patio, the key is to spend no more than 5 cents of your home’s total value, which will help ensure a good return on your investment.

Outdoor Rooms

One of the greatest ways to instantly enhance your backyard space is to add an outdoor room. In fact, according to real estate reports, outdoor rooms are more intriguing to buyers than the curb appeal or an open floor plan.

Creating an outdoor room can be as easy as adding an outdoor kitchen complete with a cooler or a refrigerator for entertaining. When selecting an outdoor room for your backyard, just be sure the install or remodel serves a purpose, such as dining, entertaining, recreation, or lounging. Simply determine what creates the most value to your family to help guide you in creating the perfect outdoor space.

You might also consider adding stunning display walls for a cozy setting. Water features and flooring can also help make your outdoor space more enchanting.


Fencing can enhance, as well as add privacy to, a new yard construction. There are many types of fencing to select from, including wood fencing, composite fencing, vinyl fencing, metal fencing, chain link fencing, and more. Experts advise, just be sure the fence you select is suitable to your location to ensure a good ROI.

You should also check your city’s bylaws before installing a new fence to be sure it meets local requirements and restrictions to avoid issues later.

Fireplaces and Firepits

Your backyard is part of your home, which can significantly add value to yourself as well as potential buyers when it is transformed into a space for creating good family times. So experts suggest going all out when it comes to your install if your budget allows.

Relaxing by a glowing fire is one of the greatest ways to create lasting family memories or to simply unwind at the end of the day. Therefore, real estate experts suggest installing a fireplace in your outdoor space to help add value. In fact, many homes already include a gas hook up to install an outdoor fireplace, and the fireplace is operated by simply pressing a button.

Outdoor log fires, such as those generated by outdoor wood burning fireplaces and wood burning fire pits, add rustic appeal, which can also add value to your backyard. Just be sure they are permitted in your location.

There are various fireplaces and fire pits to select from, including brick hearth fireplaces, stone pits, and metal pits for a look and function that’s just perfect year round.

Landscaping and Lighting

With many buyers, landscaping is the first thing that comes to mind when they envision a backyard. Landscaping enhances the appearance of the land and can include anything from improving the grass to adding colourful trees and shrubs to planting seasonal blooms, and more. Simply consult with a professional landscaper or a greenhouse specialist who will help you select the right plants and accents for your yard.

Trees add long-term value to your home because they provide privacy, summer shade, and colourful fall foliage.

Another great landscaping option that can add value to your backyard space is a stone feature, such as a stone rock garden or a stone terrace. Meanwhile, garden accents, such as a water fountain, also help add appeal.

Complete the look with either solar power or electric spotlights to illuminate main features and create a picturesque look to your yard in the evening.


A few touch-ups to your home can help keep or make it fresh again. For instance, a layer of wood stain or paint on the deck, patio, or fence can enliven your yard instantly.

If the lawn contains any bare spots, add fertilizer and seed to rebuild the lawn. If there are any loose, broken, or missing pavers, bricks, or stones in the yard, simply repair them for a refreshed look.

Finally, if time and budget permits, paint the exterior of your home, and upgrade the doors for improved efficiency, security, and appearance, which can also add value to your home.

If these backyard improvement ideas have you excited about upgrading your yard, imagine how interested buyers will feel when they see them. The key is to create an outdoor space where potential buyers can envision themselves spending time. To avoid becoming overwhelmed with upgrading your backyard, simply begin with simple improvements, and then work your way up to more elaborate improvements later. Call Sam McDadi Real Estate at 905-502-1500 for all your real estate needs.