Is the Fall a Good Time to Sell My Home?

As an experienced real estate agent in Mississauga, I like to advise my clients to put their home on the market at the most opportune time to maximize profits. My goal is to make sure that sellers understand that timing is everything when it comes to getting the best price for their home.

Why do I believe that fall is an ideal time to sell a home?

Homes Look Their Best

Early fall is a great time to sell because it is a time when buyers are abundant, weather is ideal and landscaping features are still prominent. While cold winters lead to barren lawns that may be covered in snow and ice and hot, dry summers can result in dead, brown grass, fall is a time when lawns tend to be healthy and homeowners are spending time making their outdoor space look its best.

Sellers with trees in their yards have the benefit of leaves changing colors later in the season. This showcases some of the natural beauty surrounding the home.

Buyers Are Eager to Search for a New Home

There are several reasons that buyers avoid searching for a home during certain seasons.  Summer months are often filled with family activities, picnics and vacations that keep families occupied and leave little to no time for them to search for a new home.

Home buyers often avoid shopping for a new home in the winter months because of poor weather conditions. Landscaping and other outdoor features cannot be properly viewed during cold weather.

Fall is a time when home buyers are getting back into a routine that allows time for a home search. The weather is ideal for viewing outdoor features, and homeowners can comfortably spend time outdoors managing their outdoor spaces to appeal to buyers.

Buyers Want To Close Quickly

Fall home buyers are looking for a home that they can settle into well before the holiday season. This sense of urgency translates into more offers for sellers and a higher chance of closing a sale. The upcoming holiday season also means that there is less of a chance of wasting time showing a home to a person who is not serious about buying.

Homeowners wishing to sell their home this fall can rest assured that I fully utilize my experience as a successful Mississauga real estate agent to assist clients. Call me at 905-502-1500 or view my website