Popular Home Improvements This Spring

It looks like spring has finally sprung and the mercury is on the rise! Spring is a great time to shake off the winter blahs and undertake some home improvements/inspections. Here are some popular renovations/inspections that can help boost your home’s appearance and your home’s value this spring.

Popular Home Improvements This Spring

Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring has become increasingly popular. The spring is a great time to replace carpet with hardwood. The fact that carpet can hold dust, dirt and microorganisms, especially after winter, means the spring is an excellent time to change to hardwood.  As you consider investing in your floors, you’ll need to evaluate your budget and preferences. There are a ton of options available.

Repave the Driveway

Every winter, your driveway can take a beating, due to the accumulation of snow and the use of salt. After a few winters, replacing the asphalt may be necessary. You may also consider improving your driveway by replacing your asphalt with paver bricks. Choosing the right product for your driveway is an important decision.


You may brighten up any space easily with a fresh coat of paint. Painting a room can be a popular project for beginning DIYers and veteran renovators, alike. Many paint companies also have tools on their websites that will let you upload a photo of your space and preview different colors on the walls.

Explore Your Home’s Exterior

Throughout the winter, while you were staying warm and enjoying the heat inside, the exterior of your home was being punished by the winter’s rough temperatures. The spring is a great time to inspect your home’s exterior and ensure all is maintained properly. Some homeowners prefer pressure washing their home’s exterior.

Fix Your Rain Gutters

Rain gutters are important because they help protect your home against flooding when there is heavy rainfall. The rain can cause damage to your home. As the weather gets better, it is a good time to inspect your eaves troughs and gutters.  The weight of the snow or ice sitting in your gutters can cause them to loosen or pull completely away.

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