Buying a home is a big step, and the large selection of styles can be overwhelming. Two popular options to choose from are the detached and semidetached varieties. Although these houses are significantly different, each style offers advantages. The type you purchase depends on your personal needs, so it’s important to understand the pros and cons of each. As a Mississauga real estate agent with more than 25 years of experience, I have helped numerous families decide whether a detached or semidetached house is best for them.

A detached home is a structure that stands alone. It doesn’t share any walls with another building. This type of house is often larger and more complex than the semidetached variety. There is also typically more natural light present in a detached house, because all sides of the building can have windows or doors to let light in.

One of the main advantages to buying a detached home is the privacy this style offers. You don’t need to stress over getting along with your neighbors or dealing with noise. If you purchase a detached house, you can also avoid issues regarding any noise you or your family may make. You can go about your daily routines without worrying about disrupting anyone else.

The privacy issue extends to the outside living space as well. A detached home doesn’t share a yard with another house. In addition to privacy matters, owning a detached home eliminates a number of potential quarrels between neighbors. Maintenance issues, personality conflicts and disagreements on caretaking aren’t as severe if your property isn’t shared.

A semidetached house has one side connected to another building. Sets of semidetached houses typically have similar layouts and are often two or three stories. Many have stairwells between shared walls and insulation for maximum privacy. Some developments allow owners to build privacy shrubs or fences as well.

One advantage of purchasing a semidetached house is the value. They cost less to build than detached houses, so you typically get more for your money regarding size. Sharing a wall also means reduced heating and cooling costs. Additionally, you can save money by sharing upkeep and maintenance jobs with your neighbor.

Regardless of the type of living space you prefer, you can find a home that suits your lifestyle, personal tastes and budget. Contact me at 905-502-1500 or visit, for more information.