It’s exciting to become a homeowner for the first time. It’s also extremely easy to make serious mistakes. As an experienced Mississauga real estate agent, I strive to help first-time homeowners enjoy smooth buying experiences. There are things that are entirely up to home buyers, though, and a few of the most important ones are highlighted below.

Buying More Home than You can Afford

Well before becoming a homeowner, sit down and crunch some numbers. Calculate your usual monthly expenses and determine how much you earn each month. There are online calculators that will do this for you, and they will also calculate the total amount you can afford.

Overlooking Additional Expenses

More goes into your monthly mortgage payment than principal and interest. People often overlook extra costs like homeowner’s insurance and property taxes, which can make that monthly payment soar. After finding the right house, collect homeowner’s insurance quotes and find out what your property taxes will be. With this information, you should be able to get a clearer idea about how much the house will really cost.

Not having a Home Inspection Performed

There is no excuse for not having a proper home inspection performed. Make sure to hire a reputable and reliable inspector too. It’s disappointing to learn that a house has major defects, but it’s far better to find out right away than to discover these issues later. Even if you have to walk away and look for a different house, you will be able to dodge a major bullet.

Hiring the Wrong Real Estate Agent

More than anything, it’s critical to hire the right Mississauga real estate agent. This person will be by your side throughout the home buying process. It helps to hire someone who is extremely experienced and who knows the area well. Don’t just hire the first real estate agent you find. Take your time. In addition to choosing a real estate agent who is experienced and talented, it’s important to hire one with whom you have a good rapport. You’ll communicate frequently with your real estate agent, so it’s smart to select someone who is friendly and personable.

By keeping these points in mind, your home buying experience is sure to go as smoothly as possible. Visit