Buyers make instant judgements on homes they are viewing, whether it is on-line or at the property itself. How your home shows from the outside sends a message to a potential buyer about how the home views on the inside. To a potential buyer, a cluttered lawn can mean a cluttered home, or an old mailbox can indicate poor upkeep.

Curb appeal is about how your home shows from the outside. A seller only has one chance to make a first impression with a potential buyer. A home that shows well from the outside is more likely to obtain more viewings. Curb appeal has become such a well-known trend that there’s currently a half-hour television show by the same name.

I know in my experience in Mississauga real estate, some of my buyers won’t even get out of their car if the home isn’t appealing to them from the driveway. On the other hand, I have witnessed some potential buyers stately firmly that they love the house and will buy it, even before they step inside the front door.

Here are some easy steps to improve your curb appeal:

1. Ensure the lawn shows well. Your lawn should be mowed and raked.

2. If your property has the right outdoor space, create a nice sitting area with a bench and some throw pillows. This shows a potential buyer where they can easily enjoy their new home.

3. There should be no visible clutter. Remove all gardening equipment and children’s toys, etc. so that the home shows neatly.

4. The driveway and any walkway should be free of weeds, including weeds growing between bricks.

5. Trees and shrubs should be trimmed.

6. If your home is siding or stucco or brick, a power wash might be necessary. A new coat of paint for a wooden house might be necessary.

7. Ensure the front door and windows are clean.

8. A new front door mat and/or mailbox can add a fresh element to your home.

9. A quick way to improve your curb appeal is by installing some outdoor lights.

10. If it is the right season, some new annuals in a flower bed can brighten things up.

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