One of the best things that you can do to impress potential buyers is to keep your home clean while it is up for sale. Try these five tips to make that task a little easier.

1. Purchase plastic storage bins. When a real estate agent calls to show your home, toss all of your clutter into these bins. Although the bulk of your items should be neatly tucked away already, everyday items such as toys, books, magazines, and mail may be more difficult to keep organized. Use opaque bins in order to be discreet, and carefully place these bins in closets or the garage. Bring a bin or two with you before the showing begins if necessary.

2. Remove excess decor. Although you want to keep a few trinkets out in the open so that your home looks inviting, put most of them in storage. Trinkets collect dust so easily that you will save a ton of time cleaning by just tucking most of them away while your home is for sale.

3. Keep on top of your dirty dishes. Especially if you have a large family, it is surprising how quickly dirty dishes can pile up in the sink. By diligently trying to keep up with your dirty dishes, you will have more time to ensure that the floors and countertops are free of spills and debris, when you get the call that a showing has been booked.

4. Pack a bucket with all of the cleaning supplies that you need to clean your home. When you have a spare five or ten minutes, pick up the bucket and get to work. This will streamline your daily cleaning, allowing you to get a whole room done in just a few spare moments without having to waste time looking for supplies. Store the bucket under a sink, and potential buyers will think nothing of it.

5. Tidy up your garage. Most people use the garage for storage, and while this is okay, your garage still needs to be organized. If your garage is cluttered, potential buyers will get the impression that your home lacks adequate storage space. If necessary, rent storage space for a few months to cut down on your garage clutter.

By keeping your home clean, potential buyers are more likely to have a positive experience in your home. For more ideas about how to impress potential buyers, contact your Mississauga real estate agent, Sam McDadi, at 905-502-1500.