If you’re trying to sell your Mississauga home, don’t overlook the importance of staging your home. A warm and inviting home atmosphere will help it to sell faster; some studies suggest that the proper staging can help a home to sell twice as fast. As a Mississauga real estate agent with more than 24 years of experience, I can help you to create an atmosphere in your home that will help it to sell.

If viewers have to look past your home’s atmosphere to see the potential of the home, you will struggle to connect with buyers. However, a positive environment helps buyers to envision themselves living in your home. The right staging can help to enhance your home’s positives and downplay its negatives.

There are many tricks that you can use to frame your home. When creating the atmosphere in your home, always try to select furnishings and decor that highlight the advantages of each room. For example, if you have a spacious living room, resist the urge to cram it full of furniture. Overfilling your living room will make it feel small, even if the room is actually large. Instead, include a few tasteful pieces of furniture, and arrange the furniture to emphasize the size of the room. If your living room has dimmable lighting, keep the lights turned down and install accent lights around the perimeter of the room; this will also help to emphasize the size of the room. Your window treatments are also important; heavy drapes made from luxurious fabrics may help make a room feel indulgent and intimate, but sheer curtains can help a room feel airy and open.

Make certain that your home is clean and organized; clutter can cause feelings of stress and make a home less appealing. Visible dirt and dust will make your home appear disheveled and broken-down. Overflowing bookshelves can make your rooms look sloppy. A well-kept home, however, will make your home feel inviting and open. Organized homes encourage buyers to put themselves in your home; disorganized homes encourage buyers to keep looking elsewhere.

I understand the value of a warm and inviting home atmosphere. I keep a full-time home stager on staff to help my clients prepare their homes for a sale. If you’d like help preparing your home for a sale, call me today, 905-502-1500 or visit my website, www.mcdadi.com.