When buying a new home, people are mostly concerned with the house itself. The location of the home and its primary characteristics are sure to be your top concern as well. These things are largely under your control. You can’t choose your neighbours, however, but you can increase the odds of having a friendly relationship with them. As a leading Mississauga real estate agent, I have plenty of advice for ending up with the friendliest neighbours possible.

Make a Friendly First Impression

Moving is stressful. On moving day, you may not be at your very best. However, don’t let that have a negative impact on the impression that you make on your new neighbours. They will know you are busy, but you should still try to smile, wave and give them a friendly greeting. If possible, make quick introductions. By taking even a small amount of time to be friendly, you’ll get off on the right foot with your new neighbours.

Be Approachable

In the days after settling into your new home, make a point of spending a decent amount of time in the front yard. By being as approachable as possible, you’ll have an easier time getting to know your new neighbours. Remember that you will most likely live next door to them for a long time. By showing them that you are approachable, you’ll have an easier time developing a friendly relationship with them.

Pay Them Compliments

Take a look at your neighbour’s home and yard. What do you like about it? The next time you see your neighbour, pay him a few compliments about his home and yard. Try to be specific to show that you are sincere. Everyone likes being complimented, and this is a great way to get off to a really friendly start.

Take Care of Your Yard

If there are problems with your yard when you move in, make fixing them a top priority. Your neighbours will be relieved to see that you care about the appearance and curb appeal of your home. You will show all of your neighbours that you want to make the neighbourhood as appealing as possible.

There’s no direct way to ensure that you end up with friendly neighbours. Your own behaviour has a dramatic impact on how your relationship will unfold though, so take the time to be friendly yourself. It’s sure to pay off well in the long run.