Spring cleaning is a tradition followed by many cultures. It represents the freshening up of a house or yard after a cold winter and the preparation of the home for a new season. Spring cleaning can involve decluttering, organizing and deep cleaning that gets the home ready for the busy spring and summer seasons ahead.

As a Mississauga real estate agent with more than 25 years of experience, I love the spring. The spring market is traditionally a very busy time, and spring cleaning is also a great tradition.


Plan a garage sale for the first warm weekend of the season to get rid of things you don’t use anymore. To declutter, schedule some time every day to tackle the five most chaotic areas of your house. Bring three boxes into each area and label them with the following words: keep, donate and discard. Go through the disorganized area and put everything into an appropriately labeled box. Anything that goes into the box labeled “donate” can be sold in your yard sale. It will be much easier to do the deep cleaning when your home has less clutter.


Use the funds you earned from your yard sale to purchase items that help you organize your spaces. When everything has a home, your space is less likely to collect chaos again. Labeling the areas you would like to organize can help the entire family get on the same page.

Deep Cleaning

The following areas of the house should be cleaned thoroughly at least once a year:

Windows – wipe down the interior of the glass and wash the outside of your windows with an eco-friendly cleaner and water. Check the weather stripping while you’re at it to help make sure your home is well insulated.

Yard – clean patio furniture, your grill and your gutters.

Appliances – vacuum your refrigerator coils as well as dryer vent and exhaust areas. Deep clean your oven, and examine the hoses and power cords on your appliances.

Closet – go through your wardrobe and donate clothing that has not been worn in several months. Rotate out warm winter clothes and replace them with your spring and summer wardrobe.</li>


Once your home has been streamlined and deep cleaned, you can take a fresh look at your home décor. Is it time to change the color palette in your living room? Are the throw pillows on your bed getting worn? Are your curtains faded? Redecorating one room can help you feel refreshed without spending a lot of money. When you’re happy with the way your home looks, you’ll also be more likely to keep it clean and clutter free throughout the year.