If you’ll soon be moving to a new home or apartment, congratulations are in order. These are exciting times, but with so much to think about and even more to do, they can be fraught with anxiety. As a Mississauga real estate agent for 25 years, I have accumulated some ideas on how to make your move go smoothly.

Start At Least One Month Ahead

You’ll be pretty busy in the coming weeks, and leaving anything until the last minute can wreak havoc with your peace of mind. It’s never too soon to start getting ready, so at least four weeks before the moving date, be sure to:

•Make arrangements with a moving company.

•Notify friends and those with whom you do business of your new mailing address.

•Arrange to have all utilities turned off at the old location and on at the new.

•When appropriate, take any necessary steps to transfer account balances to a new financial institution.

•Cancel newspapers and other regular deliveries.

•Obtain all medical records from doctors and veterinarians.

•Take inventory of your possessions.

•If you’re undertaking a long-distance move, make your travel reservations now and, if applicable, ensure that your vaccinations and travel documents are up to date.

Two Weeks Prior to Moving Day

If you haven’t started already, it’s time to get packing. This is a good time to clean house and ditch those items you haven’t used in years. Purchase boxes, bubble wrap and other packing material and remember to:

•Work methodically, one room at a time, assigning responsibility for each to a specific family member if possible.

•Label each carton with its contents and the room in which it is meant to wind up. Keeping bedroom items out of the living room box will facilitate unpacking later on.

•Make every attempt to consume all refrigerated and frozen food well in advance of the moving date. You want to minimize the number of perishables that you’ll have to discard.

Take the Time to Say Goodbye

I understand that moving to any new location can kindle mixed emotions. Give yourself time to bid farewell to the people and places to which you’ve become attached, and remember: With today’s advances in travel and technology, you can embark on this next adventure knowing that goodbye no longer has to mean forever. With 25 years of experience in the Mississauga real estate market, I have plenty of ideas on helping you move with ease. Call me at 905-502-1500 or visit my website, www.mcdadi.com, for more information.