When you choose a Mississauga real estate agent, you expect him or her to act in your best interests. Your real estate agent can have a profound impact on your home buying or selling experience. However, there are a few telltale signs that your real estate agent isn’t working hard for you.

She or he keeps you waiting

Hard-working real estate agents do what it takes to respond promptly to their clients. No good agent is ever without their cell phone or other mobile device, so there’s no excuse for being left hanging. Even if he or she can’t give you a firm answer immediately, your real estate agent should at least touch base with you and let you know that they are working on it.

He or she is unprofessional

There are plenty of real estate agents out there, so there’s no need to put up with unprofessional behaviour. Does your agent show up when he or she says he will, or does she or he cancel on you at the last minute? Have you ever been stood up by your real estate agent? How organized are they? These things all reflect his level of professionalism. You shouldn’t have to compromise on this at all.

She or he doesn’t listen

A huge part of a real estate agent’s job is to listen closely to their clients. Your agent should completely understand your needs, and he or she should use that information to make your home buying or selling experience as smooth and easy as possible. If you tell your agent you’re looking for three-bedroom homes, for example, and he shows you two-bedroom homes, something is amiss.

He or she is sketchy

Your real estate agent shouldn’t cut corners or engage in other types of sketchy behaviour. If your agent’s tactics make you uncomfortable, he or she isn’t really working hard for you. They are just doing the bare minimum to earn their commission, and that’s unfair. Be especially wary of outrageous claims. Does he or she make good on them? If they let you down again and again, they are not the real estate agent for you.

The minute you meet your real estate agent for the first time, you should be filled with confidence in their abilities. In other words, they should make a great first impression. If you’d like to enjoy the benefits of having a hard-working real estate agent by your side, contact Sam McDadi today at 905-502-1500 or visit www.mcdadi.com.