Bungalows are wonderful homes. These single-storey structures became popular starting in the 1950s, up to the 1970,s as the simple, rectangular footprint made them easy to design and build. These homes continue to have a following for many reasons.

Single-Level Homes are Easier to Manage

A home that is entirely on one level is easier to pick up and maintain especially for older residents and families with very young children. Climbing stairs can be a challenge especially when one is loaded with laundry, cleaning supplies and infant carriers. Living in a bungalow eliminates this problem. It is easier to inspect and straighten rooms situated on one level.

A Bungalow is a Safe Environment

The absence of steps automatically makes bungalows a safer alternative for older residents and those with mobility problems, since the entire living area is on one level. With young children around, a single-level bungalow is also the safer environment since the likelihood of falling is minimized.

Bungalow Designs are Flexible

Craftsman-style bungalows came about because the gabled or hipped roofs with extended eaves lent themselves well to creative details such as decorative brackets, gingerbread and brick patterns. The presence of a front stoop or front porch made it easy to extend the living area to the outdoors. Bungalow designs range from simple to intricate, depending on homeowners’ preferences.

Bungalows are Expandable

Growing families need increased square footage and bungalows provide the expansion space upwards or sideways, assuming that the changes conform with zoning laws. If the foundation and the existing structure allow, a second floor that preserves the architectural style can be added. If there is room on the lot, additional rooms can be backpacked onto the bungalow to create more space for residents. Often, families in a desirable neighbourhood prefer to grow in place.

Take it From a Mississauga Real Estate Agent

I understand the appeal of bungalows to families, retirees and many other homebuyers. Bungalows have been part of Canada’s landscape for a long time. Contemporary designs and trendy architectural movements have not effaced bungalows because these dwellings are efficient and functional spaces, suitable to the needs of a diverse group of home buyers. Visit www.mcdadi.com or call me at 905-502-1500.