Your property is as much an expression of your tastes and preferences as it is a showcase of symmetry, color and artistic flair. Getting a home’s interior to a point where residents can feel like it is truly a haven takes time, dedication and scads of resources. Turning the vision into reality can be a very involved process for the homeowner.
Define Your Vision
Magazine, websites and decorating experts make decorating look so effortless. However, this is only so when a core theme has been defined. This theme should revolve around the homeowners’ lifestyle. The needs of property owners raising young children will be diametrically opposite from those of empty nesters who do a lot of adults-only entertaining.
Account for Changing Needs
The theme should be one that can evolve over time. When decorating with young children in mind, the theme should have some wiggle room to change as the children grow.  Likewise, when decorating for retirees, the plan should include accommodations for age-related limitations with emphasis on enhancing safety and accessibility.
Balance Form and Function
An eye-catching piece of artwork will work wonders as an icebreaker for those who often open their homes to friends, family and acquaintances. However, comfortable and space-appropriate seating should also be a priority. With Internet sources, it is easier to find furniture pieces that serve both decorative and functional purposes. Multipurpose furniture that can be used as coffee tables, casual seating and clever storage for quick cleanups are useful when space is limited.
It’s all About You
What makes a house a home? When you have taken visceral ownership of the home by incorporating elements that express your taste, personality and life story, then the property turns into a home rather than just a piece of maintenance. Design experts can help to crystallize a plan and manage the decorating project, but in the end, you are the best judge of your home’s appeal and livability.
Sam McDadi: A Special Kind of Expert
Home decorating and real estate specialist do not, traditionally, go together. However, with more than 25 years in the business, I know when a decorating project will pay off in terms of ownership satisfaction and return on investment. More importantly, I know that home ownership is a highly personal matter. As such, I give each property owner all the personal attention they deserve. For more information, please contact me at 905-502-1500 or visit