Sometimes, the smallest details can influence the sale of your home. As a Mississauga real estate agent with more than 24 years of experience, I can help you prepare your home to receive buyers well.  Avoid these major buyer turn-offs.


It may seem obvious, but any visible dirt is an immediate turn-off for buyers. It’s worth investing in a thorough professional cleaning before putting your house up for sale, to whisk away every speck of dust. Pay special attention to areas that are often overlooked; switch plates, doorknobs and appliances accumulate dirt, so make these areas priorities when cleaning. If removing old carpets isn’t a possibility, shampoo existing carpets thoroughly.


Buyers put their noses into any home-buying decision. Remove anything that detracts from your home’s fresh scent and refrain from frying strong-smelling foods for a week or two before welcoming potential buyers. Smokers may want to smoke outside while the home is being shown. Ensure pet smells are non-existent or minimal, at best. Don’t go too far overboard in the other direction and fill every corner with potpourri, either; buyers may be sensitive to scented products, and they may also wonder if you’re trying to conceal something. Pleasant scents that happen naturally are the best, so use this as your excuse to bake cookies and enjoy open windows.

Personal Items

When buyers walk through your door, they should be able to imagine themselves living in the home. While you don’t have to hide every family photograph or make your house look like a hotel, highly individual personal statements should be minimized while your home is on display. Your collection of cow-themed kitchen items may be a delight to you, but they’re a distraction to buyers who may not be able to see past them and imagine themselves in the home.


After living in a home for years, clutter is inevitable. However, it’s a big turn-off for buyers who want to see their new home as spacious and airy. Pick up toys from children and pets, move items on closet floors to shelves and stow desk clutter in drawers to give the home a clean-lined look. When possible, pare down the amount of clutter altogether instead of hiding it. Think of it as having fewer things to pack when you move.

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