There are many benefits of hiring a real estate agent, but one of the biggest advantages of having a real estate agent on your side is having help from an experienced negotiator. Real estate agents spend much of their professional lives negotiating lower prices on home purchases for buyers and selling prices that are closer to asking price for sellers.

Do You Need a Real Estate Agent For Negotiations?

Since there are two sides of the negotiation, you want to have a skilled negotiator on your side. Both the buyer and the seller are attempting to get a price that they feel is reasonable from their perspective. Buyers and sellers often feel that they can save money by handling their real estate transaction on their own. However, the benefits of hiring a real estate agent far outweigh any cost savings that could be enjoyed by forgoing the professional assistance. A skilled negotiator is often financially beneficial to both buyers and sellers.

Avoid Offending a Seller

The average person feels relatively uncomfortable with negotiating, and there are real reasons for that feeling of discomfort. Buyers can quickly offend a seller when offering a low price for a home that they love. Offended sellers could refuse to deal with the buyer again. Experienced negotiators are able to guide clients when deciding on an offer to ensure that a seller isn’t going to run the other way because of an offensively low offer, so a real estate agent could save you from losing your dream home to a bad negotiation.

Let Someone Else Be The “Bad Guy”

There may be reasons why you want to submit a low offer for a home that you feel has real potential. One common reason for low offers is to retain financing to make changes to a home. However, voicing concerns about how much you hate the wallpaper that a seller picked out decades ago and has loved ever since could be taken poorly by the seller. Real estate agents listen to these types of concerns and convey this information to the seller in a way that is understandable without being insulting to the seller’s personal tastes.

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