Multiculturalism in Mississauga means you don’t need to travel far to experience different lifestyles. We have pockets of unique neighbourhoods across this wonderful city that are rich with people who originate from around the globe.

I have the fortunate of being welcomed, daily, into homes that are owned by families who have emigrated here from other countries. It is truly great to experience different cultures here in Mississauga, and it has inspired me to travel the world, to gain first-hand knowledge of different countries.

I work hard to provide excellent service to each and every one of my clients, and during the market’s down time, I do enjoy getting away and escaping to foreign places. I have travelled throughout six of the seven continents — Antarctica is the only one remaining for me to explore.

My fiancé, Ersilia, and I have walked the cobble streets in many European cities—enjoying tennis matches along the way—and I have enjoyed the amazing cultures of Asia, including China, Thailand and Japan. We have visited the pyramids in Egypt, gone on a safari in Botswana, visited school children in South Africa, and dined in Australia and New Zealand. We have toured most of the northern European countries, like Russia, Norway, Sweden and Denmark, and I have enjoyed excellent food in Venezuela and Colombia. I have witnessed unforgettable vistas in the Greek islands and Dubai.

Travelling, for me, is very important. It allows me to rekindle. It provides me with an appreciation for Canada and for Mississauga. It also allows me to peek into numerous real estate markets around the world, see what they are experiencing, and see the demand and supply issues.

While travelling, I am always thinking about real estate, and evaluating Team McDadi and the services we provide for our clients, friends, and families. I am continually perusing newspapers, magazines and local media for their real estate messages. This is all valuable information I bring back to Mississauga because in this day and age, it is imperative that luxury properties be marketed around the globe.

Over the last five years or so, there has been a dramatic increase in the number of international buyers who are buying properties here in Mississauga and across the Greater Toronto Area. Foreign buyers are playing a major role in our multicultural real estate market. In fact, a recent report found that about 25 per cent of luxury home buyers in the GTA are from outside Canada.*

My trips abroad, then, act as not only vacations, but also as fact-finding missions. They allow me to pick up tips on how to better market our Mississauga luxury properties to the world. They allow me to work and play, play and work.

These are my vacations with a twist.

* by Sotheby’s International Realty Canada