Fashion, as they say, comes and goes. Stainless steel appliances have replaced those olive-colored appliances that were so fashionable in the 70’s. Smaller, intricate backsplash tiles have taken the place of large, chunky tiles of the 80’s. Wooden garage doors are another popular trend right now.

For almost two and a half decades, I have been helping people find their dream homes, in Mississauga real estate or another part of the Greater Toronto Area. I have watched the fads come and go. Of course, not everyone has the same taste, nor should everyone, but certainly popular home features will exist for time immemorial.

Currently, there are certain common features right now that most potential home owners are requesting and/or searching out. Even if these features are not in the home, many of my clients speak of renovating their new purchase to incorporate these specific characteristics.

So what exactly are the current home fads?

1. Granite countertops and more. Right now, I would say most people are looking for granite countertops in their kitchen (and bathroom). Some are also looking for soapstone, quartz composites, or marble. This seems to be top on my people’s list.

2. Hardwood floors. Hardwood floors have become increasingly popular over the last ten years. Whether its oak or maple, or even pine, home owners seem to be drawn to hardwood floors, with darker hardwood being currently in vogue versus the bleached or lighter oak that was popular in the 90’s. In general, most clients aren’t looking for broadloom, especially on their main floor, although many do still not mind broadloom in the bedrooms.

3. Stainless steel appliances, especially stainless steel stoves that are gas-powered.

4. Open concept living space. Whether the living area itself is open concept or not, most people are searching for a home that has clear sightlines between the kitchen and family room/living room. This is especially true for families who enjoy entertaining.

5. Fireplaces. Fireplaces, be they natural gas or wood, are another great feature that potential home owners are keen to find.

6. Carriage garage doors. These are very popular right now, especially in new homes.

7. Dual bathroom sinks.

8. Gazebos and outdoor living spaces. Especially with the weather turning nicer (slowly, albeit), many people are critical of the outdoor space their potential new home will provide. A stunning gazebo or outdoor living space is an added bonus.

Thankfully, we are not all alike and many people have tastes that don’t include the above home fads. Just because your home doesn’t incorporate one of these features, doesn’t mean that it isn’t sellable. Many of these fads can be easily incorporated into any home. If you have any questions or comments, please contact me 905-502-1500