Official Press Release

There’s a new name in the Mississauga Real Estate business—Sam McDadi Real Estate.

One of Mississauga’s best known real estate agent—a 24 year veteran in the industry— now owns his own brokerage.

Sam McDadi Real Estate opened May 1.

After spending the last 14 years with Re/Max and winning every conceivable award, Sam decided to take the next step and own his own business.

“It seemed a natural extension of what I was already doing,” explains Sam, the leader of Mississauga’s top Re/Max real estate team for 14 years running. “I am very excited about this new development.”

Sam has paid top dollar to acquire a great team of professionals for Sam McDadi Real Estate, all in the name of providing exceptional service to his clients. These new staff members, including administrative and marketing personnel and a deal secretary, coupled with his already strong and experienced staff, makes for an incredible team.

Sam says it was not an easy decision to start his own brokerage. He first tested the idea with his staff and his clients, and he received a lot of positive feedback. Feeling that he no longer needed the big brand name of Re/Max behind him, the time seemed right to take the leap. Sam’s own brand is big enough to stand on its own; he has invested a lot of time and money on it.

The move gives Sam more opportunities to expand—even buy office space in other cities— and it means he will have no restrictions on possibilities. For Sam’s clients, the change means he can spend even more resources on marketing; enhance his already strong marketing exposure to become beyond exceptional.

In 2011, Sam finished as the number two Re/Max team in Canada and fourth worldwide (out of approximately 100,000 agents). He was also the number one full service realtor on the Toronto real estate board for both dollar volume and units sold (out of approximately 30,000 agents). He has participated in more than 6000 home sales.

Sam prides himself in his high level of service. His clients live in all areas of Mississauga—from the north to the south, from modest townhomes to expansive mansions— and they come from a wide range of socio-economic backgrounds. He currently has homes for sale that range from $150,000 to $8M. His business model has served all of his clients well.